10 May 2014

St Michael le Belfrey, York
7.30 pm (ends c.9.45 pm)
Tickets £14 (£12)

Michael & Joseph Haydn


The Cloud-capp'd Towers

E J Moeran Songs of Springtime
Vaughan Williams Three Shakespeare songs
 Sweet Day
 Three Elizabethan part songs
R L Pearsall Lay a Garland
Take, O those lips away
Great God of Love
Come let us be merry

Wilfrid Mellers Four short Shakespeare songs
Peter Aston Three Shakespeare songs
C V Stanford Elizabethan pastorals (from op 39 and op 53)

Unsurprisingly, the lyrics of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, such as Beaumont, Fletcher and Herrick, provided great inspiration for many composers who responded with memorable settings for unaccompanied choir. Vaughan WilliamsThree Shakespeare Songs have texts from Shakespeare’s plays; Moeran sets Shakespeare, Herrick, Fletcher and others; Pearsall sets Beaumont and Fletcher. All these are popular works of the choral repertoire and are partnered by settings of Shakespeare by Wilfrid Mellers and Peter Aston, both of whom have strong and affectionate associations with York and YBC.