YBC Internship

Richard Bracknell, bursary beneficiary

This year, for the first time, YBC funded an internship. This was open to members of the choir who wanted to gain experience in ways of gathering and analysing information for arts administration. Claire McGinn, who is a post-graduate research student at the University of York, helped the Treasurer, Professor Gillian Parker, to analyse and write up the YBC audience survey carried out in March 2017.

Claire is researching discourses of contemporary Baltic art music for a PhD. Of her experience as YBC’s first Intern, Claire noted that:

This internship gave me the chance to use statistics software that I probably would never have seen otherwise. It was also an informative experience about the basics of approaching data and gave some fascinating insights into what other avenues might be taken by social scientists. I enjoyed the process of getting to grips with the data and it raised useful questions for my own work, in terms of understanding of how trends can be observed or demonstrated. There were also very nice biscuits!