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YBC is always interested in hearing potential new members

Yorkshire Bach Choir comprises around 45 voices and performs music mainly from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical period so an interest (and enthusiasm) for this repertoire is helpful. YBC regularly perform vocal music in an historically-informed style with our specialist accompanying orchestra the Yorkshire Baroque Soloists. You will need a good, well-produced voice that blends with the current group of singers. Subject to vacancies, membership is open to anyone who has the ability to contribute at the choir’s core standards of high performance, regardless of any other factors. Current membership is a mix of professional, semi-professional and other advanced singers with about a third of the choir being students; some members travel quite a distance to sing with the choir.

What does being a member involve?

YBC have a programme of around six concerts each year and rehearse intensively on Friday evenings between 7-9.30pm for about 30 weeks of the year. Members are expected to make a commitment to attend all rehearsals and concerts unless there are exceptional circumstances. This is essential in order that we maintain the high standards for which we are renowned. YBC usually perform on a Saturday evening with mandatory rehearsals on the Friday night and Saturday afternoon prior to this concert. All choir members are expected to contribute to membership via a subscription system which currently stands at £171 per year for standard members or £57 per year for student members (although any difficulty with this would be viewed sympathetically and you can split your payment over the year in 3 installments).


If you are interested in auditioning, please email our conductor Peter Seymour with a short email introducing yourself, your singing experience, an indication of your voice type and suggested times that you might be available for an audition. Peter will then arrange an audition. As part of the audition you will be asked to sing 10-15 minutes of prepared music and your vocal range will be gauged. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Peter if you require further information.

Email or telephone 01904 652799.

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